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The Vineyards

  The Lake Breeze vines were planted in 1985 and have been carefully tended by President & Winemaker, Garron Elmes, for the past two decades.
It is a hoot to see Garron back in the tractor with his faithful dog, George, playfully running behind.

Simple joys.

With the addition of Vineyard Manager Pierre Levesque, Lake Breeze has assumed care for 70 acres of Lake Breeze growers’ vines. Healthy vines and meticulous care from vineyard to cellar result in wines of consistent quality.
Pierre’s association with Lake Breeze began in 2000, as a grower himself. He has been farming and managing vineyards since 2003 and the Lake Breeze vineyard since 2015. Travels to vineyards in New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy and the United States have given Pierre the opportunity to learn more about wine industry, and he maintains that “great wines start in the vineyard”. The goal is to transfer the natural expression of the grape into the wine with minimal intervention.
Pierre is the Vice President of the BC Grapegrowers’ Association, involved in the Minor Use and Canadian Biopesticides programs which aim to reduce use of chemicals by opting for natural and environmentally sustainable alternatives.
The opportunity to assume care for 70 acres of our growers vines ensure that the meticulous attention to quality that we have developed in the cellar over the years also starts in the vineyard. 


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